Remix Europe


In today’s times, with a Europe in crisis, where nationalism seems like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, we have to do two things at once to set a positive example for Europe’s future development: rediscover the fundamental values that unite Europe and mix them with a new vision of Europe: REMIX EUROPE.Southern Luxembourg, the old industrial heart of Europe, is positively predestined to demonstrate this.

With our candidacy, we are deliberately taking a position against the many forms of xenophobia, cultural exclusion and boundaries that are becoming evident in more and more parts of Europe and the world. Because we believe Europe’s future lies in the most radical mixing of its cultures and all other cultures imaginable.

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Southern Luxembourg, the old industrial heart of Europe, is positively predestined to demonstrate this. Southern Luxembourg with more than 50% non-Luxembourgers is a laboratory of European development, a zone of constant cultural interaction. We must locate Europe’s wounds in order to obtain a deeper understanding that our regional situation is not something that just happened by itself, but rather is due to particular economic, political and social conditions that are changing. A Europe after Srebrenica, after Sochumi, after Brexit looks very different to the Europe before; a Europe that still has countries without offcially recognised status, Abkhazia, Transnistria, Northern Cyprus, is a Europe with “gaps”. A Europe loudly asking whether it is Europe with or without Turkey, with or without Russia, with or without UKEngland and whether perhaps it is more European without them. Every election inherently contains the risk that Europe itself will once again be called into question and at the same time, this questioning is an opportunity.

The realisation of the fragility of Europe as an idea, as a territorial principle, as a political construct, as a community of values, as a cultural space is an essential starting point of any programmatic consideration that seriously wants to address the idea of Europe. And at the same time, this questioning is one of Europe’s strengths.

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