Remix Yourself


Creating a new concept of what art is, also in the sense of its function, entered a new era at the start of the 20th century at the latest, and was signifcantly shaped by the technical reproducibility of art. In the last thirty years, the “digital revolution” has led to a complete transformation of the conditions of art production and reception.

Against this background, our region, with its industrial heritage, its orientation towards new technologies and location where so many cultures cross, offers a wide range of fruitful ground to think about the future of art in the context of a European Capital of Culture, in terms of the entire artistic spectrum, and to provide new impulses through a series of outstanding artistic events. New initiatives for a new art must directly involve the population in order to make an impactful contribution to transforming the cultural landscape in our region, using the existing infrastructure as fully as possible.

Remix Art

Events with European visibility, which will help to sustainably document the quality of our contemporary artistic production and draw an audience from across Europe, will go hand in hand with reinvigorating the local and regional parameters of the art scene here in the most closely linked way possible.

Remix Art