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ECoC 2022


Esch-sur-Alzette, Pro Sud, CCPHVA

European Capital of Culture 2022

L’appel à projets reste ouvert à tous jusqu’au 31 décembre 2019, également aux nouveaux intéressés n’ayant jusqu’à présent ni créé de compte, ni lancé leur candidature.

Pour rappel : sous condition que le projet ait lieu sur le territoire d’Esch2022, toute personne privée, association, commune ou institution désireuse de réaliser un projet culturel dans le cadre de la Capitale européenne de la Culture est invitée à le soumettre ici, sur notre site, avant le 31 décembre 2019.

ECoC 2022

Esch-sur-Alzette is carrying the title "European Capital of Culture 2022". The region involved comprises the ProSud alliance (eleven municipalities) as well as the bordering French CCPHVA (Communité de communes du Pays Haut Val d'Alzette)


A Europe that
builds on the remix
of cultures.

The southern part of Luxembourg and the directly adjoining area on the other side of the French border have a story to tell. A deeply European story, a story we want to bring as far as Europe’s borders – and beyond. For it is here, in Europe’s old industrial heartland – where important foundations were once laid for European integration – that today over 120 different nationalities live together in close proximity. Here we get a sense of how Europe might look in the future. A Europe that sets great store by its melting pot of cultures, a Europe that can deal creatively and courageously with the transition from being an industrial society to becoming a knowledge-based society. A Europe that is also well aware of the challenges of becoming an increasingly heterogeneous society and a Europe that takes a stance against nationalism and all forms of xenophobia. As a Capital of Culture, we want to draw on the potential our region offers and we are convinced that this will have a long-lasting impact both on the development of our region and further afield. 

Une Europe qui mise sur le mélange des cultures

ECoC 2022
in numbers

  • 2countries
  • 19communes
  • 200.000inhabitants

Artistic projects

Remix Europe


In today’s times, with a Europe in crisis, where nationalism seems like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, we have to do two things at once to set a positive example for Europe’s future development: rediscover the fundamental values that unite Europe...

Remix Nature


Our region lacks visibility in terms of natural space. In this sense, REMIX NATURE sees itself as a call to an active and activating form of a redevelopment that will mobilise the population and at the same time will always refer back to tradition...

Remix Yourself

Installation : Marie-Josée Kerschen


With the concept of REMIX CULTURE, we approach one of the most fundamental questions of today’s society and indirectly the basic economic conditions of the future. Digitalisation has had profound effects on the production of goods and services....

Remix Yourself


Creating a new concept of what art is, also in the sense of its function, entered a new era at the start of the 20th century at the latest, and was signifcantly shaped by the technical reproducibility of art. In the last thirty years, the “digital...